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(Announcement) Regarding the change from face-to-face lessons to online lessons due to the raising of the Activity Restriction Level to [Level 3]

The spread of COVID-19 continues and the medical system is overburdened. There is a high possibility that stronger infection countermeasures will be taken, such as the decision to issue an Emergency Declaration in Kyoto Prefecture. We have therefore decided that further measures are needed at our university.


From April 26th (Monday), the Activity Restriction Level of our University will be raised from [Level 2] to [Level 3], and we will continue to hold seminars, experiments, practical training classes, etc. in a face-to-face format. However, we have decided to change the format of other lessons to an online format. (*Some Faculties may continue with a face-to-face format considering curriculum requirements.)


The change from face-to-face lessons to online lessons will take place from May 6th (Thursday). However, there will be a transition period from April 26th (Monday) to May 5th (Wednesday), and those classes will be changed to the online format as they become ready. For details, please check the instructions of the Class Coordinator from the subject's "manaba course" site.


You will be informed, through the Portal site, about how to check subjects that will be continued in a face-to-face format (seminars, experimental subjects, practical skills, etc.) and those which will be online.


These measures will take place, according to the university's decision, between April 26th (Monday) until the cancellation date of the State of Emergency which is scheduled to be issued for Kyoto Prefecture. If the State of Emergency in Kyoto Prefecture is lifted, we will consider lowering the Activity Restriction Level and increasing face-to-face learning opportunities.


The Activity Restriction Level will be [Level 3]. However, there will be no restriction of access to the campuses. The libraries will also remain open and available for study. Please check the library homepage for details. Information technology classrooms will also be available for online classes.


As the new semester has just begun and everyone is in the midst of adjusting to their university life, it has been a very difficult decision for the university to change to online classes due to the change of the Activity Restriction Level. Thank you very much for your understanding.


April 21st, 2021Reiwa 3

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