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(Announcement) Novel Coronavirus Vaccine to be Offered at the University

June 10th, 2021

(Announcement) Novel Coronavirus Vaccine to be Offered at the University

Ryukoku University Educational Corporation has decided to provide vaccinations on campus for approximately 22,800 students and members of the Academic and Administrative Staff, based on the government's policy of commencing vaccinations for the Novel Coronavirus at the workplace.
The goal is to achieve the early vaccination of students, university staff, and others, so that classes and student activities can be conducted without restrictions as the spread of infection comes to a conclusion.

The vaccination of area residents will be discussed with local government authorities in the future.

1. Period of Implementation

Early July 2021 to Late September 2021 (Tentative) *Scheduled to begin as soon as vaccination preparations are complete

2. Venues

Ryukoku University [Fukakusa Campus (Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City) and Seta Campus (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture)]
* The facilities on each campus that will serve as vaccination sites are currently under consideration.

3. Eligibility

Ryukoku University Students and Ryukoku University Academic and Administrative Staff, etc. who wish to receive the vaccination
<Maximum Number of Vaccinations (Planned)> Approximately 22,800

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Enrolled at Ryukoku University: Approximately 20,500 Students
Academic and Administrative Staff Members, etc. (Including Ryukoku University-affiliated Heian High School and Heian Junior High School): Approximately 2,300
For students enrolled in Ryukoku University-affiliated Heian High School and Heian Junior High School, the target age of the vaccine manufactured by Moderna is 18 years or older, so future procedures will be considered separately.
* The vaccine will be administered to those who wish to be inoculated.

4. Vaccination System

A vaccination system through the university's Health Management Center in conjunction with outsourcing is currently under consideration.

5. Scope

The maximum number of vaccinations to be carried out per day is currently being considered.

6. Supplementary Notes

An announcement will be made on the university website as soon as all details have been determined.
Inoculation is voluntary, not compulsory. You will not be forced to receive the vaccination. As vaccination is not compulsory, those who do not receive the vaccine will not be disadvantaged regarding their enrollment in curricular or extracurricular activities.
You may also choose to receive the vaccine at a vaccination site in your area, or at a large-scale vaccination site.
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