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【Emergency Notice】Regarding the Cancellation of the 2020 Academic Year Entrance Ceremony

With the increased spread of the Novel Coronavirus, in an effort to protect the health of Students, Academic and Administrative Staff, and all related individuals, and also for the purpose of preventing further infection, the Entrance Ceremony has been cancelled.

The Entrance Ceremony is an important milestone for students, and parents are able to share a bright occasion with their children through this event. Much discussion was held to do everything possible to carry out the ceremony. However, in light of the situation, we have decided to make the difficult decision to cancel.

It is very unfortunate and with great sadness that I must send this message to all who were anticipating the Entrance Ceremony. I know that parents and family members were very much looking forward to it. However, thank you very much for your understanding.

The Orientation Program for new students and class commencement dates will be announced on the following page on March 25th.

[Regarding the New Semester’s Schedule]