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Request for support of fundraising to help students during novel coronavirus

Chiko Iwagami, Chairperson of Ryukoku University
Takashi Irisawa, President of Ryukoku University and Ryukoku University Faculty of Junior College


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is now rampant, having a significant impact on society, including the Japanese government's declaration of a state of emergency. We are currently facing an emergency that we have never experienced before.

 While everyone is in danger of infection, although it was a painful choice, with top priority to our students’ safety, Ryukoku University has decided to prohibit students to enter university campuses and discontinue face-to-face classes and provide on-line classes instead.

 According to our students’ actual circumstances, we would like to provide all necessary support for students in need of assistance and to pursue educational activities based on the spirit of “leaving no one behind.”

 As specific measures to support our students, by adopting urgent support measures worth a total of 1.4 billion yen, we have already decided to take measures, including establishment of new non-repayable grants and scholarship systems (special non-repayable grants for on-line classes: uniform 30,000 yen; financial assistance scholarship: up to 100,000 yen), extension of the due date for tuition, and increasing the amount for short-term loans. Furthermore, to respond to our students’ needs more effectively and quickly, we have set up the Student Support Plan Examination Working Group to have numerous deliberations on possible plans to support and aid our students from multiple perspectives. As a first step, we started providing diet assistance to students living alone, which is of great urgency. While continuing this activity, we will start various efforts, including psychological support and community formation support for students.

 In line with this, since we have received many offers of cooperation in activities to help students from a wide range of people, to promote these activities and partly fund them, we decided to make a request for support of fundraising to help students during the novel coronavirus.

 To help our students spend their university days with peace of mind, we would like to ask for your support.

 Thank you for your understanding and support in advance.


(1) Name of the fundraising

 Fundraising to help students during novel coronavirus

(2) Purpose and use of the fundraising

 To enhance various support measures for students associated with the COVID-19 pandemic

 ・To provide support to students who live alone and are pinched for food (starting on May 2) Overview of the project:

Status of the first support service (May 2):

 ・To provide financial assistance to needy students

 ・To subsidize the expenses of notebook PCs and Wi-Fi router rental to improve the environment to take on-line classes

 ・To enhance other necessary support measures for students, including psychological support and community formation support for students

(3) Deadline for the fundraising

June 30, 2020

* It may be extended depending on the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

(4) Amount of money


  1) Graduate: 10,000 yen/unit
  2) Staff member: 10,000 yen/unit
  3) Ordinary person: 10,000 yen/unit
  4) Parent: 10,000 yen/unit

 * Regardless of the amounts above, we would greatly appreciate any donation that is less than one unit.

② Organization

  1) Ryukoku University Alumni Association 
  2) Shinwakai 
  3) Faculty alumni associations
  4) Faculty societies
  5) Staff organizations
  6) Related corporations (business operators, etc.)

 * The amount has not been specified.


How to apply

<Donation from individual>
You can apply online or using a Japan Post Bank payment slip. If you apply online, you can choose among payment by credit card, payment at a convenience store, and Pay-easy payment.

Application for donation from individual

<Donation from corporation>
Corporations can include donations in the losses of the relevant fiscal year.
There are two donation methods: a distribution recipient-designated donation or a donation to a designated public-service promotion corporation. You can choose between them.

Application for donation from corporation

For tax incentives, please click here.


Receipt for donation

A receipt for the donation issued by Ryukoku University will be sent to you by the Accounting Section of the Office of Finance.

* For corporations that choose a distribution recipient-designated donation, a receipt for the donation issued by the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan will be sent to you.

 We will treat this fundraising under the Ryukoku University Fund for Promoting Education, Research, etc. for tax credit reasons.


Contact information for donation
[Accounting Section]
67 Tsukamoto-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8577
Tel: 075-645-7876  Fax: 075-643-9111

Application for making a donation is voluntary.