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(Announcement)Upon the Commencement of Semester 1 (Spring) Classes

As previously announced, classes will be held in a face-to-face format from April 7th (Wednesday) while taking sufficient measures to prevent infection.


While the number of Novel Coronavirus cases is increasing, the government has decided to apply "priority anti-infection measures" to some areas, including Osaka Prefecture, for one month. Depending on future circumstances, please note that the lesson format may be changed (even in the middle of the semester).


The new semester has begun, and we have been able to welcome many new students to our campus. In order for all students to have a fulfilling campus life, we ask that you continue to thoroughly prevent infections, and also strictly refrain from meetings and competitions that involve eating and drinking.


※In addition to the current face-to-face class format, we are also taking measures to provide synchronous lessons online in consideration of students with underlying illnesses. More details can be found on the Ryukoku Portal Site.



April 2nd, 2021 (Reiwa 3)

Ryukoku UniversityRyukoku University Junior College

Measures Against Infection


The university has created "Guidelines for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infection" and is taking the following infection prevention measures. Please pay close attention to your physical condition and make sure that each individual is implementing these measures.


(1) Basic Infection Prevention Measures

○ Wear a mask.

○ Wash (and sanitize) the hands

○ Maintain Social Distance

○ Avoid of the 3 C’s (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, Close-Contact Settings)

○ Keep silent/no conversation during meals

○ Stay home when feeling unwell


(2) Infection Prevention Measures in the Classroom

○ Social Distance Capacity will be adhered to.

○ Social Distance will be maintained through assigned seating.

○ Windows will be opened and the room ventilated properly.


(3) Infection Prevention Measures in the Cafeterias

○ Desks, chairs, and acrylic partitions will be sanitized.

○ Acrylic partitions will also be installed on terrace seating.

○ Silence will be maintained during meals.


(4) Handling of Commuting/On-Campus Activity

○ Wear a mask.

○ Refrain from talking as much as possible on campus and when commuting to the university.


※Please be sure to check the "Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infection"