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(Announcement)Regarding Employment Support After June 19th

The Career Center will operate a web-based system (based on advance application) to provide support to all students, and mainly those involved in job hunting. In addition, if we receive a consultation request from a student currently involved in job hunting, we will respond by telephone on that day. 

〇 Regarding Career Interviews(Consultation・Simulated Interviews)
 In addition to Web interviews, we will also conduct face-to-face interviews. All require advance application on Ryu Navi (Ryudai Employment Navi) (link).

〇 Regarding Room Rental for Web Interviews
 Students who do not have a Wi-Fi environment may rent a room at the Career Center (Fukakusa・Seta) for the purpose of having a Web interview. Please contact us by telephone no later than 15:00 on the previous day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays) regarding which campus’s Career Center you wish to use.

〇 Regarding the Issuance of Certificates 
Each type of certificate will be issued by post. Please click here for details.
At present, the University is responsible for all shipping costs.

〇 Information about Related Departments
 Please click here regarding Osaka Umeda Campus handling procedures.
 Please click here regarding Tokyo Office support.

◆ Career Center(Open to those who apply in advance for interviews)
   Fukakusa:075-645-7878(Hours:Weekdays 9:00~16:45)
   Omiya:075-343-3484(Hours:Weekdays 11:00~16:00※for the time being)
   Seta:077-543-7735(Hours:Weekdays 9:15~17:00)

・Please be sure to wear as mask and disinfect your hands with disinfectant solution before entering a private room for face-to-face and Web interviews. Also, please cooperate with the Receptionist to check your health condition.
・In order to enter the university, advance reservation must be made separately by Portal Site questionnaire.

Please also check the summary site about the Career Center.