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[To All International Students] Regarding University-Based and Non-University-Based Support Services for International Students 【Center for the Promotion of Global Education】

As the situation is frequently changing, please be sure to check (and refresh) this page regularly.

This page displays various forms of support that International Students may take advantage of, due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Please note that various notifications are also being posted on the Ryukoku Portal Site. Therefore, please be sure to check that information as well.

[Ryukoku University-Based Support Services]
○ “Benefit Scholarship” System During Online Class Period
・All students receive a flat rate of 30,000JPY

○Extension of Final Payment Deadline (Tuition Deferred Payment and Partial Payment)
・The deadline for tuition deferred payment and partial payment has been extended to August 20th.

○Expansion of Short-Term Loan System
・The [Short-Term Loan System] , which charges no interest for students, is expanded with a maximum loan amount of 100,000JPY and a maximum refund period of ten months.

○Emergency Food Support
・Provided mainly to students who live on their own by providing food in cooperation with Shiga and Kyoto Prefectures, as well as related businesses.
<Information available in the [お知らせ] section of the Ryukoku Portal Site

○Internet-Based Library Services
・Web-related services such as the lending of books and journal article copying services, as well as the launch of a new service which delivers book copies and journal articles to students by post.

○Environmental Improvement and Other Student Support for Online Classes
・Expansion of the information and communication environment, maintenance of Web content accompanying online classes, laptop rental services, etc.

〇Leave of Absence Enrollment Fee Scholarship for International Students unable to Re-Enter Japan
・If it is difficult to take part in online classes due to various factors such as the available internet environment, or if one wishes to take a Leave of Absence due to the fact that one can not re-enter Japan, a scholarship will be provided in the special case for reasons of absence that are not attributable to the Applicants themselves. The money will be applied to the Leave of Absence Enrollment Fee.
<Information available in the [お知らせ] section of the Ryukoku Portal Site

[Information on Non-University-Based Support Services]
・Special Fixed Benefit 100,000JPY(Application Required to Local Government)

・[Student Emergency Support Benefits for Continued Education]
(Eligible Students can receive 100,000 ~ 200,000JPY)

Visualizing Corona Countermeasures! Information Regarding Part-Time Vacancies for Student in Kyoto City
This is a special website that introduces part-time job information for students in Kyoto City, which clearly describes measures for business operator to prevent new Novel Coronavirus infections.

・For other information, please refer to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology
(MEXT) website.
Japanese Version:
日本に留学中の外国人学生の皆さんへ <外国人留学生向けの利用可能な制度一覧>
English Version:
To All International Students Studying in Japan <List of Programs Available to International Students>

・Kyoto Job Navi
Attractive information is provided about companies in Kyoto, as well as various semiars and events useful for employment and held in Kyoto Prefecture for “Job Seekers” and “Corporate People”.

・Hospitals and Dentists with Multilingual Capabilities

・Other Information (MEXT Homepage)
For All International Students in Japan <Services for International Students>
To All International Students Studying in Japan <List of Programs Available to International Students>