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Faculty of Policy Science

Connect, Expand, and Create the Future. Be the main character, a regional public figure.

Educational Policies and Purposes

Based on our school’s philosophy, our faculty’s goal is to cultivate autonomous individuals with a high-level public awareness. We would like our students to acquire the philosophy of co-existence and to cultivate a broad range of expertise through education and research of policy science and take proactive action for the purpose of sustainable social development. In addition, we expect our students will be able to bring about solutions for problems discovered by themselves in coordination with society.

* Department of Policy Science

The number of students at the Seta Campus: 1,174
Male students: 699; Female students: 475 (As of May 1, 2017)

Through a wide variety of learning opportunities, to be a person who can develop a concept for the future while acquiring abilities to solve various social problems - For this reason we chose the School of Policy Science of Ryukoku University.
Shun-ichi Kawaguchi

“As a citizen, I want to consider beneficial policies for the region”

Shun-ichi Kawaguchi

“With the redevelopment of my home town, I came to think of having a direct involvement in town development. Studying sustainable development, I empathized with town development based on tradition and restoration measures. I would like to become a public servant of the city hall and take advantage of what I learn at this university.”

Kotori Tamura

“I want to consider Japan from a broad perspective to make this country more attractive”

Kotori Tamura

“I want to know about Japan based on the global viewpoint. By raising problems that Japan has and proposing solutions for them, I want to see how the society improves with my own eyes. At the same time, I’m also interested in work that promotes the goodness of Japan that is observed from overseas as well as domestically.”

Yasuhiro Uemura

“I want to become a teacher in the future so that I can teach students the importance of co-existence with others”

Yasuhiro Uemura

“I was interested in politics and wanted to learn and understand politics, so I chose the Faculty of Policy Science. I learn and develop my study in the specialized major subjects based on keywords, public nature, co-existence, and collaboration. I want to become a teacher in the future, hoping to teach my students the importance of co-existence with others.

Chisato Matsubune

“From the viewpoint of political policies, I want to consider restoration of the disaster afflicted areas”

Chisato Matsubune

“All through high school, I took science courses. Taking advantage of science knowledge in the field of policy science, I chose the Faculty of Policy Science of Ryukoku University that has an Environmental Innovation Course. In the university, I participated in volunteer work at a disaster afflicted area in Tohoku. This gave me a good opportunity to consider the restoration from that huge earthquake from the viewpoint of political policies.”

Keywords for choosing the Faculty of Policy Science

Political Policies

Political policies are a means by which issues and problems are solved by drawing a road map from the presence to the future. Students learn policies related to solutions for issues that occur in a society that consists of policy entities with various senses of values, interests, and positions.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a word that is related to every aspect of our daily lives such as the environment, the economy, and society. Students learn what they have to do in order to achieve co-existence with others and co-existence of humans and nature so as to make a sustainable society.

Collaborative Society

Not only the national government and municipal governments, but also diverse supporters that take responsibility for dealing with various social issues, such as NPOs and citizens, have been increasing. Students can learn what is necessary for a collaborative society to be realized by these diverse supporters.

Public Nature and Civic Nature

Students consider how they are able to connect to public nature by their own means while being aware of becoming a member of composing society. With that they learn what public nature and civic nature really mean.

In the Faculty of Policy Science, based on these keywords, students learn from a wide variety of fields of academic study such as social studies, economics, environmental studies, law, politics, and international social studies from multifaceted perspectives, while learning solutions for various problems and issues occurring in the society.