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Features of Research Activities

Tradition and Cutting-Edge Science Community and Globalization
-Research Activities at Ryukoku University which Produce the Scientific Technology and Culture of the 21st Century

Ryukoku University is developing a global standard for research which will create the scientific technology and culture of the 21st century.
In looking at today and towards the future, we are engaged in the promotion of arts and sciences which society is seeking, through research utilizing traditional and historical research resources which are centered on " Buddhism" as the foundation upon which Ryukoku was established, the research to create scientific technology for the next generation under the most advanced research environment, and also research in conjunction with the local community and the global society.
Moreover, the University feels strongly about the cooperation with society, and is actively engaged in academic exchange with industry, government, and academia through these research activities.

Global Standard Research Development

The University, utilizing its resources, aims for a global standard for research development in the fields of its specialties.
Therefore, it established the Research Center for Humanities, Sciences, and Religion which comprehensively covers the research activities of the whole university. With this center as the nucleus, the University is actively promoting the advancement of research of arts and sciences by the government.
Further, it aims to promote the scientific technology and culture that the world deems important by propelling the interdisciplinary and conglomerate research of arts and sciences which crosses the three fields of humanities, society, and nature.

Research Utilizing Buddhism and Tradition

The University is a Buddhist university based on the Jodo Shinshu teaching founded by Shinran Shonin, and originated in the Gakuryo, an educational research facility of Nishi Hongwanji, one of the Jodo Shinshu sects.
Owing to its background and its 365-year long history, the University has accumulated a wide range of products of civilization centered on the Buddhism. It is developing outstanding research based on global and historic documents and the artifacts.
Moreover, in addition to developing research which is cultivated by tradition, with the recognition that all " life" is enabled to live as the Buddhist philosophy states, it is developing research to cope with the problems of today concerning " life," such as the preciousness of life and ethics.

Research for the Creation of State-of-the-Art Scientific Technology

The University was the first to open to a Faculty of Science and Technology at a Buddhist university.
We are developing research to create the most advanced scientific technology, mainly in the Undergraduate Faculty of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of Science and Technology.
About the preparation business of the Hi-Tech Research Center (HRC), which is for the advancement of research of arts and sciences by the government, our research was adopted in the first fiscal year when the business started, and is promoting research in Phase II of HRC.
The " Digital Archives Research Center for Classical Documents," a frontier enterprise which the University is undertaking, aims to analyze historic property which we possess by using the most advanced scientific technology and make it available to the public.
This specialized research is possible due to the fusion of the tradition and the most advanced scientific technology that we have.

Research Rooted in the Local Community and Research Coping with the Global Society

Our University places the local community as its principle objective and is developing research which is rooted in it.
For example, this includes research on criminal policy in the Corrections and Probation Research Center, policy formation and the nurturing of human resources of the local government in the Research Center for the Development System of Local Human Resources and Public Policy, a welfare forum, and the opening of Kyoto Industrial Study Center. We compile the results which we have been accumulated, so far of research activities toward specific problems in the local community, and then attempts to advance and enrich research system.
When doing research focusing on such specific problems in the local community, we are always doing comparative research under the international network.
Then, results such as research on development of human resources and measures that possess a global viewpoint for resolving modern problems are produced.
Furthermore, our local research is not limited to merely the neighboring regions, but in response to requests from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and others, it extends to research conducted overseas and the return of those results.

Research Activities and Support in View of Research in the Next Generation

At present, our University is promoting a wide range of research projects.
Most of these projects are a part of the research advancement activities by the government The young researchers participate actively in these research activities and are obtaining the ability to train the next generation of researchers who will take part in the creation of scientific technology and art and science culture.
Moreover, Ryukoku supports both joint and individual research which is concerned with not only futuristic research but also basic research, and also aims at becoming a university where a wide range of research activities are carried out.