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Ryukoku University SDGs Initiatives

Declaration on SDGs

Ryukoku University Declaration on SDGs
~ Promotion of Buddhist SDGs ~

As a university founded on the "Spirit of Pure Land Buddhism”, Ryukoku University has been promoting various initiatives that contribute to achieving the SDGs, based on the principles of "Buddhist SDGs”. Our "Buddhist SDGs” were defined through similarities discovered between the vow of Amida Buddha to "never abandon any living beings"– in other words, the spirit of sesshu fusha – and the SDGs principle of "leave no one behind". From this Buddhist perspective, we have continued to encourage the self-introspection and awareness of all at our university.

The most important mission of a university is to nurture the people who will be responsible for the future of society. Ryukoku University offers "Buddhist Thought" as a compulsory course across all Faculties, and the learning in this course is the foundation of our empathy for "Buddhist SDGs”.

Ryukoku University has formulated the “Ryukoku Strategic Plan400” as a long-term plan. This casts a vision for 2039, at which time we will celebrate our 400th anniversary. Furthermore, the plan has defined the contemporary mission of our institution as follows:

  • Regardless of the situation, do not exclude others but rather accept them, as we contribute to the development of humanity and society by creating value.
  • Be involved in activities aimed at realizing the mutual coexistence and prosperity of all humanity, as well as a society that is in harmony with the Earth's environment, and widely communicate and spread this insight throughout the world.
  • Create a future wherein those with differing values are tolerated, and foster leaders of changes who will form a society in which no one is left behind.

To realize our goals for “Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400”, the Yunus Social Business Research Center – a research center for social business advocated by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus – was established on Fukakusa Campus. This center will serve as a base through which to collaborate with other research centers to promote the realization of our university’s mission in the field of social business, as well as in various other fields of research in collaboration with people around the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed social issues such as poverty, hunger, social fragmentation, and the worsening of various disparities. It can be said that the realization of the SDGs, including “Well-being” – which represents the happiness and health of society and its people – is becoming increasingly important. Based on the principles of “Buddhist SDGs”, Ryukoku University is determined to reflect upon the past and make critical assessments of the current situation, engaging further in altruistic activities and accelerating our journey toward the actualization of a sustainable society, with each and every member of the university taking initiative.

Ryukoku University hereby issues the “Ryukoku University Declaration on SDGs”. We pledge to contribute to the achievement of SDGs by endeavoring to carry out our vision: “By fostering the development of citizens who possess the qualities of magokoro, our university strives to create new knowledge and value. By doing so, we can overcome any obstacles or differences, becoming a platform that contributes to world peace.” – Ryukoku Strategic Plan400”.

  1. We will work to nurture citizens with magokoro who will be responsible for a sustainable society.
  2. We will promote learning and research contributing to world peace from a Buddhist perspective.
  3. We will work together to build a sustainable community in which the economy and environment are in harmony.
  4. We will emphasize diversity and gender equality, creating a campus on which everyone can be themselves.
  5. We will respect human rights, oppose forced labor and child labor, and actively address environmental issues and anti-corruption, based on global initiatives.

Takashi Irisawa, President
Ryukoku University
Ryukoku University Junior College
DATE:February 3rd, 2022