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Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400

Strategic Framework (An Overview of Our Grand Design)

We have created our Grand Design for the RSP400 based on four elements. These include the pioneering path that we have steadfastly taken as a university, the stark realities that we face with the coming of a new era, the trends in changes that are occurring on a global scale, and the need for reforms at our university, rooted in the Founding Spirit of our university in light of the competitive environment we find ourselves in.

"The decision was made to show our mission with the RSP400 time frame, for what we see ourselves achieving in 2039, including the Nurturing Strength and Mentality."

Strategic Framework: RSP400

Strategic Framework: RSP400 Misson: RSP400 Vision 2039 Nurturing Strength and Mentality Long-term Objectives Top-priority Strategies (1) Educational Strategy (2) Global Strategy (3) Research Strategy (4) Social Contribution Strategy (5) Organizational Operation Strategy (6) Corporate Strategy Project Management (1) Planned Timeline and Structure (3) PDCA+ (Flexible Management Cycle) (2) Assessment Objectives