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Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400


The times ahead of us are fraught with many forms of uncertainty, and we face a situation that makes forecasting difficult. Owing to this, our future plan consists of giving priority to the "backcasting" method of creating a university wherein we make improvements to the elements that are insufficient in our pursuit of the ideal state of our institution. While based on our results (achievements) from the past to the present, we give consideration to a way of establishing future predictions by means of a "forecasting" method that allows us to see into the future.

In other words, we do not simply build our future plan as an extension of the previous master plans that we had created, but instead establish a new plan based on fresh thinking, unconstrained by what came before. For this reason, we will not name our new plan based on our conventional way ("Master Plan-XX"). Rather, we have created a name as shown below, which expresses what we want to become and how we want this to permeate into society.

Japanese:龍谷大学 基本構想400(略称:構想400)
     ―2039年 創立400周年を超えた未来に向けて―

English:Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400 (abbreviated as "RSP400")
     ―Ryukoku Unlimited Challenge for 2039―

The RSP400 will be rolled out over a two-decade time frame through fiscal year 2039, which will mark the 400th year since the establishment of the university. Looking back, we have rolled out five different master plans since the year 1975. These periods lasted 6-10 years apiece, during which we were involved in reforms at the university. With the RSP400, we will attempt to roll out our plans over a time frame that is twice as long.

Our society will grow more complex and diverse in many ways over the years to come, and it is said that the times ahead of us will be difficult to predict. The current reality we face with the decreasing birth rate is one of the elements that will cause these diverse changes. Owing to this, the business model by which we operated our university (managed our business) by relying on the "18-year-old population" is becoming a thing of the past. Also, our three campuses (Fukakusa, Omiya and Seta) will require renovation in the years to come. Further, we will need to create a framework for education, post-graduate research, and university operations in response to the evolution of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), as well as increased globalization. That said, it is not realistically possible for Ryukoku University to deal with these changes all at once. Some of the reforms required may be painful. Because of this, we have given thought to what is necessary for the future of our university, and we are engaging in structural reforms to deal with these issues in a planned and ongoing way over a long time frame spanning two decades.

An Approach to Planning Based on "Backcasting"

An Approach to Planning Based on Backcasting