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Regarding Semester 1 (Spring) Classes

(Revised April 8th, 2020)

With the growing spread of the Novel Coronavirus, and with our intention of giving top priority to the safety of all students, it has become necessary for us to put aside the notion of instruction within the classroom.

We had provided notification that such classroom instruction would commence from April 21st (Tuesday). However, in light of the current situation, doing so this semester has become a difficult prospect. Therefore, the decision has been made that all classes will be conducted in an online format.

From April 7th (Tuesday), assignments will be presented sequentially through Manaba. In addition, online courses will be prepared in a variety of formats and offered on a university-wide basis from May 11th (Monday).

Dear our students,Regarding how to take online courses, please be advised as below;

Dear professors,Regarding online courses, a guideline is posted on our Portal Site, so please check it.

Notification about classes during the first semester of AY 2020

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.