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On the situation regarding waste bin equipment

Separation waste bin (bench-type) in Wagenkan bldg. at Fukakusa Campus (completion of construction in 2015)

This type of separation waste bin has a comfortable bench behind it. It establishes a unique presence because it also provides a place for students to relax. Guidance on how to separate waste is also attached to the waste bins.


Bldg. 22 at Fukakusa Campus

The same waste bins as the existing ones (built-in type) have been additionally installed.

Various Places inside the Campus Buildings

Transparent waste bins to promote waste separation have been installed in various places inside the campus buildings.

Fukakusa Campus (Outdoors)

Waste bins to promote waste separation, each of which has an illustration on the top board to easily identify the type of waste and a transparent window to see inside, have been installed outdoors at the Fukakusa campus.
We have carefully examined the number of waste bins, considering the possibility that more waste bins could actually lead to more waste disposal.