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Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

Project Title
Project for Creative Criminology in a New Era:
The Transdisciplinary Integration and Systematization of Knowledge Concerning Crimes and Criminals

Project Summary and Overview

In 2016, the Criminology Research Center (CrimRC) was established in order to construct “Ryukoku Criminology” standard, based on crime prevention and human supports, which will appeal to those not only in Japan but also throughout the world.

For more than forty years, our university has implemented educational and scientific programs, as a means of embodying our institution’s founding spirit, to support corrections and rehabilitation for criminals and juvenile delinquents. The Corrections and Rehabilitation Center (CRC), comprised of the three branches of research, education, and social contribution, established by a private university in Japan and specializing in criminal policies, has come into prominence domestically and overseas. This project aims to realize a new form of criminology called “Ryukoku Criminology”, which aims to integrate transdisciplinary and systemized knowledge concerning crimes and criminals, reorganizes policies on various criminological phenomena and develops highly professional human resources who are able to respond to actual needs regarding criminal policies.

A variety of survey and research activities are carried out with three aims: 1)To construct a Ryukoku Criminology standard, 2)To review official criminal policies and propose their alternatives, and 3)To develop highly professional human resources who acquire criminological literacy in the field of Criminal Policy.

We look forward to your participation and support in implementing this project.

Criminology Research Center(CrimRC)

※ 1) Trans-disciplinary Integration and System of knowledge concerning crimes and criminals
2) Reorganization of polices on a variety of criminological phenomena
3) Development of highly professional human resources

Research organization


Shinichi ISHIZUKA (Professor, Law School)
Kayoko KUROKAWA (Associate Professor, Junior College)
Akiko KOGAWARA (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law)
Masahiro TSUSHIMA (Professor, Faculty of Sociology)
Toshinobu TAKEDA (Professor, Faculty of Letters)
Kazumasa AKAIKE(Professor, Faculty of Law)
Masahisa SHIRAISHI (Professor, Faculty of Sociology)
Koichi HAMAI (Professor, Law School)
Itaru FUKUSHIMA (Professor, Law School)
Yoshiyuki INOUE (Professor, Faculty of Law)