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Research Institute for International Society and Culture

-Reaching out to the world through academic exchange with industry, government, and academia-

Research Institute for International Society and Culture (RIISC) was opened in 1997 following the reorganization of the former Center for Regional Studies, to conduct research on issues relevant to the 21st century and relating to society and culture of Japan and the world.

Focusing on the keywords of "region," "society," "welfare," and "intercultural communication," RIISC promotes research projects that aim to integrate local and global perspectives in their academic orientations. Specifically, RIISC funds various research projects and host seminars and lectures which embody the Institute´s objectives. RIISC is also active in inviting outside researchers whenever their participation is needed for carrying out the research projects funded by the Institute.

The results of RIISC´s research projects, seminars and lectures are used to improve the educational and academic programs of Ryukoku University and also made available to the public through its publications and website.